Dental Poster Journal

Dental Poster Journal (2015), Vol 4, No.5, September-October Issue

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Junaid, Rekha P Shenoy, Ganesh Shenoy Panchmal, Laxminarayan Sonde

Year:2015 | Month:September-October | Volume:4 | Number:5 | Pages No:129 | No. of Hits: 1247

Oral health is an integral and essential component of general health and this is the epitome that all of us strive to achieve. Dental caries and periodontal diseases are the most common oral health problems of Indian population. About 54% of children and 80% of 35-44 year old people are affected by dental caries, where as about 90% of 35-44 year old are affected by periodontal diseases.1

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Pareidolia in diagnostic imaging - A vivacious radiodiagnostic tool

Felicita D’souza, Surekha Puranik, Gunjan Choudhary, Shobha Sikkerimath

Year:2015 | Month:September-October | Volume:4 | Number:5 | Pages No:130 | No. of Hits: 1043

Radiodiagnosis involves the recognition of specific radiographic patterns indicative of disease. With rapidly evolving innovative modes in diagnostic imaging the physician’s creativity is the sole limit with pareidolic illusions. ‘Pareidolia’ is a psychological phenomenon characterized by misperceptions of vague stimuli, frequently images and sounds, as meaningful and significant, a form of apophenia - the experience of seeing patterns or connections in a random or meaningless data.1

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Yaswanth Sai, Ganesh Shenoy Panchmal, Rekha P Shenoy, Praveen Jodalli

Year:2015 | Month:September-October | Volume:4 | Number:5 | Pages No:131 | No. of Hits: 1205

Tobacco use is a major preventable cause of premature death and disease worldwide. Currently, approximately 5.4 million people die each year due to tobacco-related illnesses and is expected to increase to more than 8 million a year by 2030.1

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Foresee the unseen in rural India .......Infant Oral Health Care

Bhumika Rathore, Pushpanjali Krishnappa

Year:2015 | Month:September-October | Volume:4 | Number:5 | Pages No:132 | No. of Hits: 1252

Infant oral colonisation is alarmingly proportional to the maternal Mutans Streptococcus counts, oral hygiene, periodontal health and socioeconomic status. Yet, in rural India, promotion of infant oral health (IOH) care still remains an oblivious concept.