Dental Poster Journal

Dental Poster Journal (2016), Vol 5, No.2, March-April Issue

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Glide-Path in Endodontics : Simplified & Fast

Abhidnya P Gaikwad, Priyanka Patil, Meenal Gulve, Swapnil Kolhe, Roshan Samuel

Year:2016 | Month:March-April | Volume:5 | Number:2 | Pages No:144 | No. of Hits: 935

Glide-path is a smooth radicular tunnel from the canal orifices to the physiologic terminus. Its minimal size should be a super loose No.10 endodontic file. The glide-path must be discovered if already present in the endodontic anatomy or prepared if it is not present(1).

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Conserve a Tooth in an Untested Way

Priyali Chauhan, Saurabh Mullick, Sandeep Rana, Perla Nagarjuna, Anil K Tomer, Anjali Miglani

Year:2016 | Month:March-April | Volume:5 | Number:2 | Pages No:145 | No. of Hits: 1133

In recent times there have been significant technological advancements to facilitate root canal cleaning and shaping.1