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Dental Poster Journal (2012), Vol 1, No.3, September-October Issue

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Efficacy of Papacarie® , Carisolv™ and Lasers in Dental Caries Removal - A COMPARATIVE STUDY

Bijle Mohammed Nadeem Ahmed, Shankargouda Patil, Ashay S. Gokhale

Year:2012 | Month:September-October | Volume:1 | Number:3 | Pages No:26 | No. of Hits: 1498

Dental caries removal is done using various methods. Chemomechanical caries removal and lasers have made mark by being minimally invasive.this study compares efficacy of chemicomechanical caries removal and lasers in caries removal

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Catalyzing improvements in Oral Health Care - AN INITIATIVE FOR UNDERSERVED

Yousuf Asif, Nagaraj Anup, Shravani G

Year:2012 | Month:September-October | Volume:1 | Number:3 | Pages No:27 | No. of Hits: 1273

Oral health has long been acknowledged as a critical component of overall health and well-being but still millions of people in India lack access to affordable dental health services due to lack of knowledge, proper healthcare facilities including less number of dental colleges and hospitals in rural areas and lack of incentives to the dentists working in remote areas. Oral health problems can be early signs of and even lead to other types of serious diseases. Financial barriers pose significant dental access problems for many low socio-economic and underserved families

This poster intended to elaborate the nature of oral health in India, by exploring the process and trajectories of oral health. This poster also attempts to provide an over-view of oral health care policy services to the low income population and how it affects the people of India.

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Attitude and practice of tobacco habits among the urban youth: A Survey

Premalatha B.R, Roopa S.Rao, Shankargouda Patil, Saileela A

Year:2012 | Month:September-October | Volume:1 | Number:3 | Pages No:28 | No. of Hits: 1310

Tobacco is one of the main etiological factors of oral cancer. It is the sixth most common cancer world-wide. It is globally recognized as major oncological problem where tobacco habits in the form of chewing/smoking are common. Tobacco habits are usually initiated among the youth, so this survey focuses on eliciting the various aspects of the tobacco habits among the youth.

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Antibiotic Prophylactic Regimen for Prevention of Bacterial Endocarditis

Gurudutt Nayak

Year:2012 | Month:September-October | Volume:1 | Number:3 | Pages No:30 | No. of Hits: 1533

Infective endocarditis is an uncommon but life threatening infection with high morbidity and mortality rate. Patients with some type of cardiac conditions require antibiotic prophylaxis for some types of dental treatment to reduce the susceptibility to develop infective endocarditis. The revised guidelines by the American Heart Association for the prevention of infective endocarditis includes the following recommendations: (1) Penicillin V and erythromycin are no longer recommended for patients; (2) Dosage and pre-op regimen simpler; (3) There are now 5 antibiotics for use orally by penicillin allergic patients, but only one oral recommended antibiotic for patients not allergic to amoxicillin-penicillin; (4) Post-op doses are no longer recommended; (5) There is no changes in the recommended prophylaxis for cardiac conditions; (6) However, prophylaxis for dental procedures have been expanded, either by additions or clarifications, in both the recommended and not recommended categories.

This poster outlines the antibiotic prophylactic regimen for prevention of infective endocarditis in patients with cardiac conditions requiring dental procedures.

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Quest for formalin substitutes- A natural approach

Shankar Gowda Patil, Premalatha B.R, Roopa. S. Rao, Ganavi B. S

Year:2012 | Month:September-October | Volume:1 | Number:3 | Pages No:31 | No. of Hits: 2004

Formalin has long been the standard fixative in routine histopathology. However, there is increasing concern about the potential carcinogenicity of formaldehyde & attempts have been made to find safer alternative. Recently it has been proved that honey can be used as safe alternative to formalin. Hence, we explored various eco-friendly, economical & readily available substances like honey, sugar & jaggery syrup as substitutes for formalin.

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Nanotechnology - 'Big changes coming from the inconceivably small'

Aditi Ashok Rathod, Ashvini Padhye

Year:2012 | Month:September-October | Volume:1 | Number:3 | Pages No:32 | No. of Hits: 1294

Good things come in small packages. Nano is derived from Greek word 'nanos', which stands for dwarf. Nanotechnology is the science of manipulating matter, measured in the billionths of meter or nanometer, roughly the size of two or three atoms. Nanomaterials are those materials with components less than 100nm in atleast one dimension. Nanoparticles, having significant surface effects, size effects and quantum effects, usually exhibit better performance over traditional materials. The tested and successful applications include local drug delivery systems, tissue engineering, management of hypersensitivity and plaque control and more. Nanotechnology, has brought about immense changes in dentistry and healthcare, but yet offers promising growth. Current development, particularly of nanoparticles and nanotubules for periodontal management, materials such as hollow nanospheres, core shell structure, nanocomposites and nanomembranes will have increasing importance in dental industry.

7. Poster

Free Flaps in Head & Neck Reconstruction

Adil Gandevivala, Satyajit Dandagi, Amit Sangle, Aruna Tambuwala

Year:2012 | Month:September-October | Volume:1 | Number:3 | Pages No:33 | No. of Hits: 1283

The role of microvascular free flaps after tumour ablation in head and neck region. Rehabilitation using techniques such as reconstruction plates and non vascular grafts frequently produce a functional and cosmetic defect. The primary objective of the current study was to evaluate the usefulness and share our experiences of the free flaps (for this radial forearm and free fibula) for this purpose.