Dental Poster Journal


Nano Ionomer - Comparable to Composite Resin or Glass Ionomer?

Amulya Vangala, Anisha Aparadh, Manisha Dixit, Vivek Hegde
[Year:2014] [Month:November-December] [Volume:3 ] [Number:6] [Pages No:104] [No. of Hits: 1523]

To compare the compressive strength of Nano ionomer with Composite resin and light cure glass ionomer cement.


Recreating the Magic of Endodontics

Anjali Miglani, Annil Dhingra, Panna Mangat, Vikrant Yadav, Neha Aggarwal
[Year:2014] [Month:November-December] [Volume:3 ] [Number:6] [Pages No:105] [No. of Hits: 1161]

Retreatment is an attempt to re-establish healthy periapical tissues after inefficient treatment or reinfection of an obturated canal because of coronal or apical leakage. Aim: To compare the efficacy of R-Endo, Mtwo retreatment and Protaper D Files for the removal of gutt precha using cone beam computed tomography and stereomicroscope.


MTA, Biodentine and Bioceramic- "The Three Magical Words of Endodontics"

Anil Dhingra, Anil K. Tomer, Harkanwal Kaur Bhullar, Neetika, Saurabh
[Year:2014] [Month:November-December] [Volume:3 ] [Number:6] [Pages No:106] [No. of Hits: 1113]

Complete obliteration of the root canal system and development of a fluid tight seal are among the most important factors of success endodontic treatment. Most endodontic failures are due to inadequate cleaning and shaping or insufficient obturation. Endodontic surgery is thought to be a therapy of last resort and has advanced in recent years to increase the clinician ability to achieve more predictably successful clinical outcomes. But with the advent of MTA, BIODENTINE AND BIOCERAMIC endodontic surgery can be bypassed. When used they stimulates the healing of periradicular tissue to almost normal condition. Thus it shows favourable sealing ability against leakage and superior marginal adaptability.


Microleakage Evaluation of Single Cone and Gutta Flow 2

Anil K. Tomer, Annil Dhingra, Gaurav Bhardwaj
[Year:2014] [Month:November-December] [Volume:3 ] [Number:6] [Pages No:110] [No. of Hits: 1413]

The goal of endodontic treatment is to clean, shape and fill the root canal space thoroughly to prevent apical and coronal leakage. Gutta-percha has been used in dentistry for over 150 years, and in combination with sealers is the filling material of choice, but can be used in a variety of ways to fill the root canal system. The poster shows two of the obturation techniques and comparison between them. Gutta flow 2 is shown to be superior among the two in comparing there apical microleakage.