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Air Abrasion "The Gentle Touch to Pediatric Dentistry"

Sasmit K Chaudhari, Prasad K Musale, Evita Lobo, Krutika Jain
[Year:2015] [Month:May-June] [Volume:4 ] [Number:3] [Pages No:120] [No. of Hits: 917]

Basic concepts of cavity preparation for amalgam restoration were introduced by Dr. G.V. Black, ‘Extension For Prevention’ was incorporated to prevent marginal and recurrent caries.1 So, recent developments have started a trend minimal invasive dentistry and bonding technique provides an alternate to mechanical retention.2


Economics of Oral Health Care in a Peripheral Dental Centre

Bhumika Rathore, Pushpanjali Krishnappa
[Year:2015] [Month:May-June] [Volume:4 ] [Number:3] [Pages No:121] [No. of Hits: 1104]

According to WHO hospitals and outreach centres contribute to provide services to community and should be well managed for the benefit of the community.1 Their major role is to provide health care services in the most cost effective manner. Our study unit was an outreach centre of a private dental institution as proposed to be established by DCI by the dental institutions.2 Objectives of the research were to compute the capital cost and the operating cost of the already operating rural peripheral unit and to conduct and break even analysis of income and expenditure for the same.


Transoral Robotic Assisted Surgery

Rushik Raval, Ahemer Arif Shaikh, Swati Gupta, Jasleen Kaur, Vinod kumavat
[Year:2015] [Month:May-June] [Volume:4 ] [Number:3] [Pages No:122] [No. of Hits: 998]

Head and neck region is complex with many vital vessels and muscles criss crossing each other. Surgical manipulation in this area requires adequate knowledge, skill and dexterity.1 Minimal invasive surgery is the key to success for some specific maxillofacial surgeries. During the 1990s NASA, along with the Stanford Research Institute, hoped to establish a programme to enable surgeons to do complex operations on wounded soldiers from a remote location. Intuitive Surgical produced the da Vinci® Surgical System (Sunnyvale, California, USA), which consists of a command console at which the surgeon sits and operates from a remote site, It controls a robotic surgical cart that houses an endoscope and three robotic arms with interchangeable Instruments. Transoral robotic surgery is a form of robotic surgery with 4 robotic arms inserted from the oral cavity.


Ozone - A Revolution in Dentistry

Amit Mhapuskar, Shruti Achyut Joshi, Amita Aditya
[Year:2015] [Month:May-June] [Volume:4 ] [Number:3] [Pages No:123] [No. of Hits: 1301]

Ozone has been successfully used in Medicine for over a hundred years due to its microbiological effects. Its use has been investigated in the treatment of ocular diseases, viral, fungal and bacterial infections, dermatological disorders, and in pulmonary, renal, hematological and neurodegenerative pathologies.