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Happy Healthy Smiles for Life

Vinej Somaraj, Rekha P Shenoy, Ganesh Shenoy Panchmal
[Year:2015] [Month:July-August] [Volume:4 ] [Number:4] [Pages No:124] [No. of Hits: 849]

The global burden of oral diseases from 1990 to 2010 has increased as much as 20.8% with untreated dental caries being the most prevalent. Over this period a shift from severe tooth loss towards severe periodontitis and untreated caries became evident. Tooth loss is a final common pathway when preventive or conservative treatments to alleviate pain fail or are unavailable.1 Oral diseases remain a significant public health burden, the consequences of which are poor oral health seen at personal, population and health systems level.


Hands Together; Crafting a Better Oral Health

Shameema, Ganesh Shenoy Panchmal, Rekha P Shenoy, Laxminarayan Sonde
[Year:2015] [Month:July-August] [Volume:4 ] [Number:4] [Pages No:125] [No. of Hits: 969]

Oral health is an integral component of general health and it should be maintained during all phases of life span including pregnancy.1 Pregnancy is characterized by complex physical and physiological changes that have significant impact on almost every organ system of the body, including the oral cavity.2 The physical changes that occur during pregnancy may increase a woman’s susceptibility to oral infections including periodontal disease and may have adverse effect on body to maintain soft tissues in the mouth.3


Community Dental Health Coordinator for a Healthy Smile

Vanishree T, Ganesh Shenoy Panchmal, Rekha P Shenoy, Laxminarayan Sonde
[Year:2015] [Month:July-August] [Volume:4 ] [Number:4] [Pages No:126] [No. of Hits: 960]

Dental diseases are a significant public health burden in India, with dental caries affecting 60 to 65% and periodontal diseases affecting an estimated 50 to 90% of the general population, depending on age, with research suggesting that higher rates of dental diseases occur in rural areas.1 Poor oral health affects more than just the oral cavity. It can seriously compromise a person’s general health, quality of life and life expectancy.



Sruthi Sunil, Ganesh Shenoy Panchmal, Rekha P Shenoy, Praveen Jodalli
[Year:2015] [Month:July-August] [Volume:4 ] [Number:4] [Pages No:127] [No. of Hits: 1322]

Dental health requirements have evolved substantially over the years. Various reasons maybe attributed to this development especially in the 21st century. Changes in food habits, environmental manifestations, genetic mutations, as well as behavioral trait variations have played an important role in manifesting dental diseases. Dental care is a very important part of our modern life.


Monte Carlo Method for High Accuracy Soft Tissue Imaging in Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Suraj Agarwal, Achint Garg, Shweta Saini Agarwal
[Year:2015] [Month:July-August] [Volume:4 ] [Number:4] [Pages No:128] [No. of Hits: 1091]

Cone beam CT (CBCT) scanners are increasingly being used in many dental specialties, such as orthodontics, implantology, trauma and dental surgery. Compared with conventional CT, they offer several advantages, especially a significant reduction in the imparted patient doses.1,2 These devices produce both two-dimensional and three-dimensional images that are adapted to the clinical requirements for a correct diagnosis and treatment planning.