Dental Poster Journal


Healthier Choice Symbol for Cariogenic Foods

Naveen Varghese, Chandrasekhar J, Joe Joseph
[Year:2016] [Month:September-October] [Volume:5 ] [Number:5] [Pages No:148] [No. of Hits: 2008]

The main objective of the poster is highlighting the importance of incorporating healthier choice symbols in cariogenic foods in India.


Redefining Public Health Dentistry in India: Bicycle model - The way forward

Venkitachalam R, Shamaz Mohamed, Chandrashekar J, Joe Joseph
[Year:2016] [Month:September-October] [Volume:5 ] [Number:5] [Pages No:149] [No. of Hits: 956]

This poster proposes a conceptual model called “Bicycle model” which if inculcated in our specialty would help in redefining public health dentistry in India and ultimately fulfilling our role as a public health dentist. India being a vast country, delivering oral health care to all sections of the society is a challenge in itself.